Exciting news at Norton Common’s Town Family Doctor.
March 21, 2014

First for those who don’t know Town Family Doctor is independently owned and operated by one of the best Family Doctors in the area, Dr. Vedad Seremet with over 30 years of experience in the field of medicine. He and his lovely wife Enesa live above the practice and have been proud Norton Commons residents for years.

We’ve been going to Dr. Seremet since he opened in Norton Commons years ago and can’t sing his praises high enough. It’s what medicine was like in the distant past, taking the time to really getting to know you, your family, your medical needs and working with you in partnership.

Dr. Vedad Seremet treats you like family so much so that his son Dzanan Gusic (Johnny) has now joined the practice as full time Nurse Practitioner. Johnny was there in the beginning and it is joy to see him back. Johnny shares his dad’s passion for medicine and caring attitude toward every patient.

With their combined partnership they are now open to new patients and regular office hours every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.. Just a warning, but a positive one, don’t expect to be rushed through their office. They are very serious about being your partner in your good health.

Town Family Doctor is a primary care provider for patients of all ages: pediatric, adult and geriatric. They utilize the latest in medical treatment and technology with traditional caring values.

I’ve got a suggestion, make an appointment while you are well and get a complete physical (check your insurance first, it may pay for it annually) so they have a healthy baseline to work from. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out their new Town Family Doctor full website today at: http://www.townfamilydoctor.com/ and check one more premier service you can now walk to exclusively in Norton Commons.

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