Services Provided In Our Office

  • As primary care providers we see patients of all ages: pediatric, adult and geriatric. We will communicate with other health care providers that are involved in your care.
  • We provide you with the Patient Portal that allows you 24 hour access to your labs, scheduling, and questions that you might have.
  • We use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to store your information safely and to retrieve the same information at a moment’s notice.
  • Your prescriptions are sent electronically, except for certain medications that must be faxed. With ePrescriptions, by the time you leave our office, your medication is getting processed by your pharmacy.
  • We also perform spirometry, ECG,  Point of Care testing for Covid-19, Strep, RSV, Flu, Mono, urine  abnormalities, cancer gene screening, Gallery cancer detection tetsing, minor surgical interventions (suturing, mole and skin tag removal, wound care, PAP, skin analysis, nutrition, pediatric vaccinations, etc), and  many more. 
  • Some other services provided by our office are, but not limited to, joint aspiration and injections, DOT/CDL physicals, sport physicals (pediatric patients), vitamin B12 injections, vaccinations, and many others.
  • It is our policy to NOT  make refferals or call in medications, antibiotics especially, unless a patient has been evaluated. It is unsafe to randomly call in medicine for a patient that has not been seen and evaluated by a physician. If you feel you need an antibiotic medication, then you should make an appointment to be seen in our office or visit an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic if it is after hours.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact our Accounting Department about any billing or payment questions related to your account with Town Family Doctor.
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